Made in 7 Heaven face masks

Our selection includes three different face masks that contain natural oils and extracts. Each mask includes white clay, which is a soothing and brightening agent for the skin.

🤍 B&R Mask is a highly nutritious mask containing sea buckthorn oil that makes the skin glow. The B&R mask is ideal for nutrient-poor or sun-damaged skin. Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins A, C, E, fatty acids and omega acids.

🤍 Recovery Mask is an anti-redness and soothing mask for impure and couperosa-affected skin. It contains cypress extract, which is an antiseptic and has traditionally been used to treat inflammation and strengthen blood vessels.

🤍 Collagen Mask is a firming mask and contains collagen as well as argan oil. Collagen is derived from seaweed extract imported from the French coast and it is rich in minerals. Argan oil is known for its richness and very effective skin care properties.

All Made in 7 Heaven masks are made in Tampere, Finland and all products have been awarded with the Finnish Product label. Products can be purchased from official retailers or online stores.