Natural acid peelings for professional use


The Made in 7 Heaven product family includes Essential Peelings products that are made in Finland. The products have been renewed and are even more natural and versatile. Essential Peelings products are now 99-100% natural and completely vegan. With them, facial treatments are safe and effective.

There are three acid combinations in the selection, designed for different skin types. We have also taken into account the different needs of professionals. For example, combining out AHA acids with microneedling is safe and easy.

We have three different AHA acid mixes where you can find SMOOTH Touch, PURe Touch and DEEP Touch. SMOOTH Touch is the most gentle one. It has a slightly milky texture and suitable for sensitive and couperose skin. The product contains, for example, cucumber extract to moisturize and soothe the skin. The cream-like composition of the mixture also slows acids absorption into the skin, reducing the risk of irritation reactions.

PURE Touch is acid mixture for impurities and it contains a lot of lactic acid, which effectively soaks the sebum in the skin and prevents the growth of bacteria that are unfavorable to the skin. The product also contains ascorbic acid, which brightens the skin and acts as an effective antioxidant.

The DEEP Touch acid mixture is designed for aging skin and combines a large number of different acids and skin care substances. It is absorbed into the skin deeper and faster than other acid mixtures from the Essentials family, so the product also has a strong effect on the skin's collagen production. This acid is very effective and should only be used on clients who have already had a milder acid treatment before. The skin feels smoother after the treatment and will firm up over the next few days. Sometimes the skin may have a slight redness after the treatment. After some time, however, the skin is clear and beautifully smooth.