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Natural ingredients

Made in Finland

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Made in 7 Heaven skincare products are fully vegan and contain up to 99% naturally derived ingredients. Nature has served as inspiration in our products and natural rich oils are the essence of our products. Made in 7 Heaven  products are used in beauty salon treatments and can also be purchased for home use in environmentally friendly and recyclable glass bottles. Feel the nature's touch in your skin with Made in 7 Heaven skincare products. 

Find your own retailer

Made in 7 Heaven products and beauty treatments are widely available in different parts of Finland.

How to choose the right mask?

Our selection includes three different kaolin masks. Take a closer look at their features and find your own favorite.

Nordic Spa is here

Our selection has been supplemented with lovely body care products. Plant-based massage oils, creams and body masks guarantee perfect pampering from head to toe. Take a closer look at the different treatment rituals that our Salons offer for face and body.

For Professionals

The online store serves professionals 24/7

Log in to the online Pro-store and purchase our products. The store is intended only for beauty professionals and students. You can create IDs even if you are not a Made in 7 Heaven reseller.

Made in 7 Heaven trainings

What are Made in 7 Heaven beauty products and are they suitable for my salon? Book a free demonstration of our products either on site at our training center in Tampere or via Teams on the home sofa. Or would you be interested in attending our other trainings?