Welcome to Secret Forest spa pedicure


Finally, after almost two years of hard waiting, testing and development, our selection includes foot care products in which the Finnish forest plays the main role. The products have been carefully selected together with professionals and can be used to make a relaxing and experiential spa pedicure.

Pine needle extract is the miracle substance of the forest

We have chosen pine needle extract as the main ingredient for our new Secret Forest foot care line. Pine Needle essential oil is an effective conditioning and well-tolerated active ingredient of northern nature. Pine needle extract is antiseptic, it prevents and treats skin infections and heals skin irritation. It also acts as a natural metabolism booster. Pine needle extract is not as sensitizing as pine resin. The fragrances of the products are fresh and foresty and the most of natural. Secret Fores foot care is like a relaxing trip to a secret ancient forest. Spa pedicure is a very pampering treatment that focuses on relaxation, creating an experience and increasing the client's overall well-being.

Products developed for professional use

Doing pedicures with Secret Forest products are very rewarding, because the development of the products has been done in cooperation with beauty professionals. The treatment protocols are designed as clear entities, with which the customer experience is very pampering and the results are good. Special attention has been paid to the ingredients of the products and, for example, the Secret Forest Indulging Foot and Body Scrub, is designed so that the maximum benefit is obtained from the salt crystals and nourishing oils in it. The product is emulsifiable, and by adding water, it turns into a fluffy scrub, when the salt crystals in it slowly start to melt and help the oils to soften the skin.

The products are now available in the professional online store

The products are available in the online store in professional-sized 250 ml packages. The professional selection includes six products, i.e. bath oil, mask, scrub, foot cream, room fragrance and skin antiseptic. We have built a signature treatment protocol for Secret Forest spa pedicure and offer trainings for  professionals. The online training is included in the price of the starter kit. 

Contact our customer service for more information (hello@7 heavenprofessionals.com) about Secret Forest pedicure products, trainings and starter kits.