Sea ​​buckthorn oil is nature's super oil


Sea buckthorn oil is an effective ingredient in skin care and it is known to help regulate the skin's moisture and soften the skin. It's numerous vitamins and antioxidants also help with signs of aging and even out skin tone. The vitamin C content is among the highest in the natural oils, and the sea buckthorn oil acts as a natural source of nutrients in skin care.

Buckthorn is the main ingredient in our B&R line

The skin care products of the Made in 7 Heaven B&R line are designed to brighten the skin and bring nutrients to it. Several of the products in this skin care line contain plenty of pure sea buckthorn oil.

B&R Berry Oil Serum 30 ml is a vitamin oil containing sea buckthorn, elderberry, and blueberry oil. It temporarily colors the skin a light yellow. Soon, the color fades out and the skin feels pleasantly soft and looks smooth and healthy.

B&R Fluid 30 ml is a cream serum that is suitable for the skin both in the morning and in the evening. It contains sea buckthorn oil and the color of the product is therefore delightfully yellow. The product brings a beautiful glow to the skin and the skin immediately looks more even in color and healthy.

B&R Night Cream 50 ml is a rich night cream whose active ingredient is sea buckthorn oil. The cream should be applied to the skin immediately after the face wash and face mist on damp skin. You can also add a few drops of Berry Oil Serum on top of the cream, which locks the moisture brought by the mist  and cream into the skin.

The stylish bottles also protect the product

The bottles of the B&R line are, in the opinion of all our customers, really stylish. However, the color of the bottles is not based on appearance factors, but they are coated with a protective film against UV light and visible light. Since the products in B&R line contain sea buckthorn oil, we wanted to protect the products from the harmful effects of light. Sea buckthorn oil quickly loses its yellow hue in sunlight and the effectiveness of the vitamins in it decreases. With carefully selected bottles, we have managed to prevent the rancidity of the sea buckthorn and the premature aging of the product. However, we recommend storing the B&R products in a cool place (you can even keep them in the refrigerator) so that the numerous vitamins are equally functional throughout the product's life cycle.